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Shelly-Ann Cawley: The Powerhouse

Article By: Good News Jamaica

Every day, we have to jump over numerous hurdles as well as overcome various challenges. In addition, if you are a black woman living in a ‘white’ country, you know that history hasn’t been on your side. However, for every story of opposition and struggles, there are many instances of determination, sticktoitiveness and courage. We have seen many strong black women who have fought against all odds and took it upon themselves to recreate the image. An example of such a woman is Shelly-Ann Cawley. We won’t be surprised if you’ve already heard the story of this purpose-driven lady 

Travelers Care

In an attempt to bridge the gap between aviation and humanities, Shelly decided to start her travel assistance company – Travelers Care. She realised that there was a need for intervention while at work 2 years ago. While managing flight attendants, she was asked to communicate with an elderly customer who had a problem using her native language:

Trained Communicator turns Flight Angel

As many might be wondering, ‘How is she in the flight industry despite doing communications?’ From an early age, Shelly has always been considered to be mature and always handled situations fearlessly and open-mindedly. She credits her character to being raised in Jamaica.