Travel Care For: Minors, Seniors, Persons with disability and more

About Us

Our Background

Travelers Care was founded by Shelly-Ann Cawley, a former flight attendant with over 20 years experience in the aviation and safety industry. It is through her passion and love for humanity and travel, that we are able to expand, enhance and provide a positive travel experience to our customers. For over 10 years, Shelly would provide travel care services on her days off and when possible. Approximately 2 years ago, while at work, managing flight attendants at an airline, she was asked to communicate with a customer via their native dialect. The customer who was traveling alone displayed signs of an early onset of all Alzheimer. She made all possible arrangements, contacted family, coordinated with the arrival airport and airline agents to ensure the customer got to his destination and with his family safely. Travelers Care opened its arms to the world, to assist in situations like these and to make flying stress free, comfortable and as seamless as possible for you and your loved ones. 



Travelers Care specializes in providing a positive travel experience regardless of age, personal or physical needs. We offer domestic and international services. Convenience is not the only reason to use a professional travel care service. Knowing your loved ones are being taken care of when they fly should be an even higher priority.  

  • Unaccompanied Minors
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • The Elderly/Seniors
  • Anxiety Sufferers
  • Fear of Flying
  • Custody Arrangements (We fly with your child from one parent to another)
  • You & Your Loved Ones

our Commitment

While working with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. All our travel-companions are screened, to ensure we have the right persons to take great care of you. We conduct detailed background checks, drug screens, personal references and identity verification. Too often we've seen in news reports of children, seniors and persons with disabilities misplaced, forgotten or left alone in airports or on airplanes with so many more not reported or publicized. 


Travelers Care mitigates the risks associated with traveling alone or with an airline staff member. With busy and demanding schedules, Travelers Care will ensure your loved ones can get to you or their destination hassle free and without you making adjustments to your already busy schedule. 


We know traveling can be expensive for some, we work with our customers to ensure the best affordable options. 


All customers are treated with respect and dignity, regardless of age, personal or physical need. At Travelers Care, we care for and assist you or your loved ones regardless of the reason you fly.