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Travel Care For: Minors, Seniors, Persons with Disabilities and More.

Travel Care For: Minors, Seniors, Persons with Disabilities and More.

Travel Care For: Minors, Seniors, Persons with Disabilities and More.Travel Care For: Minors, Seniors, Persons with Disabilities and More.Travel Care For: Minors, Seniors, Persons with Disabilities and More.


Traveling can be an interesting experience, for some it may be fun and for others it causes stress and anxiety. With over 20 years airline and aviation experience, Travelers Care provides a professional travel companion to fly with you or your loved ones alleviating the potential nightmares and mitigates the risk of traveling alone.

let us fly with you or your loved ones providing Safety, Comfort and Peace of Mind when using air Travel.


About Us



Born in Kingston, Jamaica as a natural leader, Shelly-Ann Cawley has amassed a life of lessons tailored to produce the quintessential caregiver and business owner she is today. Her time at the Sandals resorts as an Entertainment Coordinator put her in the middle of learning how people think and want to be treated. This knowledge grew as she started her journey into the aviation industry as a Benefits Assistant in the Human Resources department, at Air Jamaica. Again, Shelly-Ann listened and studied the human psyche, filling her repository for later application.

Working in the aviation industry for over 20 years with various companies and in varied positions allowed Shelly-Ann to hone her people skills and gave her heart a good workout. It was building it’s ‘care for people’ muscle. The muscles that have helped her become and remain the powerhouse of a leader she is today. One that people look to for so much more than direction. People treasure Shelly-Ann for compassionate empathy. This trait is not found in many leaders today, but she has perfected this natural way of being and enjoys passing the benefits to people who trust her enough with their life’s experiences. As a Base manager, Shelly-Ann had to provide leadership and guidance to personnel. She created and sustained successful relationships internally and externally and provided safe and superior aviation services to customers. In her capacity as an inflight supervisor she used her skill and know-how to proactively work to resolve and communicate Inflight issues related to regular/irregular operations, emergency responses and staffing. She is the trusted intervention with difficult situations. From medical emergencies to potential violence, Shelly-Ann became the voice of calm that saw to it that each passenger reached their destination safely.

The continuous professional growth in responsibility for conflict resolution and passenger safety and security drove Shelly-Ann to create a company built on her in-borne concept that each person deserves to feel respected, honored, and valued. Gaps in the travel experience for certain travelers revealed themselves and Shelly-Ann’s years of on the job experience recognized and acted on them. This gap is slowly closing with the creation and implementation of Travelers Care. Their mandate is to expand, enhance and provide a positive travel experience for all their clients. They have taken on the challenge to make sure that each of their clients’ travel experience is seamless from airport to airport. They are ready and equipped with combined decades of experience in people support skills to handle clients from minors to seniors, from abled bodied and those who need assistance. No matter the client need, Travelers Care can fulfil it and get natural smiles. 

Under the leadership of Shelly-Ann Cawley, Travelers Care has been given 5 Stars by their customers with accolades ranging from “Best for Kids” to “Truly Priceless”.

Shelly-Ann is watching her in-borne concept come to fruition through each smile, sigh of relief, and heartfelt ‘Thank you’.


You'll never have to worry about the safety and comfort of your children and elderly parents or family members. Travelers Care specializes in providing a positive travel experience regardless of the reason you use air travel. If you can't accompany them, let us fly with them for you. Convenience is not the only reason to use a professional travel care service. Knowing your loved ones are being taken care of when they fly domestic or international, should be an even higher priority.  

  • Unaccompanied Minors
  • Special Needs
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • The Elderly/Seniors
  • Anxiety Sufferers
  • Fear of Flying
  • Custody Arrangements (We fly with your child from one parent to another)
  • Camps
  • You & Your Loved Ones

Our Commitment

While working with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. All our travel-companions are screened, to ensure we have the right persons to take great care of you. We conduct detailed background checks, drug screens, personal references and identity verification. Too often we've seen in news reports of children, seniors and persons with disabilities misplaced, forgotten or left alone in airports or on airplanes with so many more not reported or publicized. 


Travelers Care mitigates the risks associated with traveling alone or with an airline staff member. With busy and demanding schedules, Travelers Care will ensure your loved ones can get to you or their destination hassle free and without you making adjustments to your already busy schedule. 


We know traveling can be expensive for some, we work with our 

customers to ensure the best affordable options. 

Peace of Mind

Providing a mental state of calmness and tranquility,  freedom from worry and anxiety


All customers are treated with respect and dignity, regardless of age, personal or physical need. At Travelers Care, we care for and assist you or your loved ones regardless of the reason you fly.